I make paintings because I love paint. A brush loaded with paint poised just inches from a painting surface is the stuff of dreams. Painting is meditative play, and I love to play.

I love how things look to me, and their suggestions of color, form, patterns and rhythms. I formulate the shapes and forces to engage in a compositional play of energies and rhythms. Fast moving, or gently weaving, shapes are frozen within the frame of the rectangle.

I enjoy humor, visual puns and odd juxtapositions. I think, how can I convey this feeling, this idea, this dream, this vision. That is the challenge.

I have many influences and interests, and many directions in my work. Everything I see or feel or think or hear is impetus for painting, and I have freely and unabashedly borrowed from other artists or students (especially children I have taught) throughout my fifty years of painting. Consequently, I have pursued a number of leads resulting in a somewhat eclectic body of work. I am finally learning to embrace the diversity of my interests, and its effect on my work. I have been told that all my varied efforts still look like I did them, so I’ll accept that and carry on.