Bay Area Artist and Art Educator Steven Andresen

My paintings are expressions of ideas and feelings. At the core of my work is invention and play, a response to the beauty and richness of the visual world.

I use traditional media, like oils, acrylics, watercolors and drawing. I like to work in series because by limiting the subject I can freely pursue various approaches and strategies, a wide range of color schemes, shapes,etc. I am interested in iconic images such as florals, faces, groups of runners, musicians, and cars.

I enjoy humor and visual puns, and I find inspiration in things like Egyptian art, outsider art, and the art of children (I have taught art to children over the past 25 years, so I have absorbed a lot of ideas). I have developed a strong interest in design and geometric art, so those disciplines influence my work. The bottom line is I love to paint and I love to play with paint and I love to see what happens.

Please enjoy my galleries, and if you are interested in art classes for children or adults, or if you would be potentially interested in buying any of my work, please contact me today.

He will send more text and photos, but he is hoping mostly that the stuff we scraped will provide most of the content.